3rd NZ Division Pacific camouflage uniform 

The 3rd NZ Division developed its own camouflage uniform while in the Pacific.  The New Zealand khaki drill shirt and trousers were sprayed in three fast colour stain paints; dark brown, dark green and lime green. The dark green and brown were applied in irregular patches 3-6 inches long, allowing some of  he khaki drill to show through and on top of these were oversprayed 2 inch diameter spots of lime green 9-12 inches apart.  Each was allowed to dry so that no mixing occurred.  Only the top surface was affected so that when the sleeves were rolled up the original khaki drill was evident.  Under continual use the colours gave way to an overall blue-green shade and ended up lighter than the webbing.  Headgear consisted of the US herringbone twill field cap or wide brimmed hat of New Zealand manufacture which could also be camouflaged.  Some units continued to wear the steel helmet which was usually covered with dark green hessian or sacking with cloth loops for foliage.

Picture Malcolm Thomas.

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Last updated January 13, 2004