3rd NZ Division tank Squadron photo gallery 

Valentine IIIs of I Troop in the Jungle somewhere in the Pacific.  The 1 Troop number is carried prominently on the locker on the turret rear.  Note the use of the Stuart grouser box on the rear of the track cover for extra stowage on the tank. ** NEW
Valentines of the Tank Squadron on their way to their temporary home on New Caledonia n 1944, before returning to New Zealand.  The Valentine IIICS in the foreground carries the standard unit markings of the Dragon and Kiwi with the 26 in a yellow square. ** NEW
Major Rutherford's Valentine Mark III CS loading for "Operation Squarepeg" on Guadalcanal on the 11th of February 1944.
Major Rutherford (on the left) directing Lieutenant Cox's Valentine Mark III CS ashore at the Tangalan Plantation on Nissan Island on February 15th 1944 with one of the Squadron's ammunition trailers on its engine deck.  Though not visible from this perspective the tank is also towing a US 90-mm AA gun.  (Alexander Turnbull Library)
Tanaheran Village from the Squadron's positions looking towards the Japanese positions taken the day after the hostilities.  (A J Flint)
  Lieut T K Evan's tank backing onto the LST at Kukum Beach, Guadalcanal on the 11th of February 1944.  The letters TL can be seen on the tank telephone box on the right.
The troop sergeant from 3 Troop entering the Tangalan Plantation on Nissan Island on the 15th of February 1944 towing one of the US 90 mm AA guns. (Alexander Turnbull Library)

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