3rd NZ Division Tank Squadron - Camouflage and markings

The standard unit scheme consisted of khaki green base with the turret and upper portions of the hull painted dark green and spots of lime green sprayed over both. Officially the unit was supposed to have the 3rd Division Kiwi as its formation sign and the unit serial of 26 was to be painted in a black square. However, they negotiated a deal to retain their Rampant Dragon insigna adding the Kiwi alongside the unit serial patch. For purists the eye, tongue, flames and claws of the dragon were red. 

A simpler design of dragon was use for the Valentine III CS tanks as this marking was added to the tanks on Guadalcanal where the official stencil for the Tank Brigade was not available. Photographs indicate that the unit serial patch was in its original colour; yellow. Roman numerals were used to distinguish the troops, the troop leader's marking being white (Valentine III CS tank), the troop sergeant being yellow and the troop corporal being red. The troop number was also painted on the Bren ammunition box on the turret rear and the formation signs and unit serial patch repeated on the hull rear. The tanks also carried a tank infantry telephone in a box replacing the rear light, alongside the POW rack. The words Trp Leader, Trp Sergeant, Trp Corporal were supposed to be painted on the lid of this box though for 1 Troop the letters TL, TS and TC were used. 


The camouflage  scheme applied to tanks of the Squadron, the drawing  
representing the Valentine Mk III of Sgt R H H Beetham. 



Styles of troop signs for Squadron HQ and 3 Troop.  

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Last updated August 08, 2003