A word about myself. 


I am a research protein chemist who has been employed by the now non-existent DSIR, in the Dairy Industry and currently the Wool Industry.  I have had a longstanding interest in both the history, development and manufacture of armoured vehicles in this country; in the history of the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps; in the camouflage and marking systems of New Zealand armoured units both here and overseas and have been carrying out this research in my spare time for about 20 years.  I have published articles on these subjects in a number of hobby and society magazines magazines including Tankette, AFV News, Military Modelling, Army & Navy Modelworld and most recently Wheels and Tracks, in addition to which I have also published my own book  "Armoured Fighting Vehicles of New Zealand 1939-59".  My interest in armoured vehicles eventually extended into the purchasing and restoring of a LP2A Carrier which is now in a musuem at Wanaka.  I have also been editor of the journal of the NZ Military Vehicle Collectors Club. 

Jeff Plowman   


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Last updated August 08, 2003